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Ready, Steady, Let's GO! It's 5:30 am in Benoni

Munch that cereal or finish that tea/coffee, as I'll see you in around 15-90 mins
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East rand, South, North or West Rand, mmmm??? Who wants to do the JHB tour before we even start this trip?

Best part is, most new aquaintences already know each other before we even leave Gauteng resulting in a peaceful and tranquil drive.

Once we are all strapped in and on a definite course forward, we can sit back and relax to the most amazing musical compilation of the 50's - 80's music. Compiled by Syd Poole. (A REALLY FAMOUS OLD DJ)

Around 10:30 ish we stop for tea and pee! This includes tea, brunch sandwiches and a leg stetch!
if a long trip - another tea and pee! Every 2 hours, this includes tea, lunch and a leg stetch!

When we get to our destination there is the usual FRANTIC DISTRIBUTION of luggage which I will handle - please find a common area to sit and wait untill I escort you and your luggage to your designated rooms.

G.O.C. LEISURE Tour Timetable and Itineraries for 2020

Below are all the Timetables and Itineraries for you to download. (All in pdf format)

International prices of all tours are available on request. See the Contact page

G.O.C. LEISURE Tour Timetable for Jan-May 2020
G.O.C. LEISURE Tour Timetable for Jun-Dec 2020

G.O.C. LEISURE Tour Individual Itineraries for 2020 (page 1)
G.O.C. LEISURE Tour Individual Itineraries for 2020 (page 2)

Available Tours

Click on the photos below to get a glimpse of the venue.

Champagne Sports Resort - Drakensberg

Champagne Castle - Drakensberg

Tiger Canyon - Freestate, N. Karoo

Namaqualand Flowers

Cherio Gardens - Magoebaskloof

Bridget's 5 star catering will make you come back for more! Expect to break the diet!

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